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New Jag: Yash S. (India)

YashName : Yash Singh

Home : Ahmedabad,India

Noteworthy : I have represented my school football team various number of times , I also have been a runners up in the U-18 all India football tournament. I have taken part into many adventure camps all over India. I have been selected as the lead keyboard player in many of our school functions. 
Being interested in speeches I have also given a speech by Mr. Alex Salmond the first minister of Scotland and have presented my free elective project on pickpocketing, I have won various A+ trophies in our science fair known as Edison.

Passions : Photography,playing musical instruments, cartoon sketching, gaming

I look forward to meeting you all.


2 comments on “New Jag: Yash S. (India)

  1. Pankaj Singh
    May 15, 2015

    All the very best to you Yash !!!


  2. Raj kumar singh
    August 17, 2017



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