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Your Friends in Recruitment

Potential Jaguars end up spending a lot of time on the phone, email or Skype with their local S P Jain recruiting and admissions representatives.  Who are these people?  Actually, they are very caring folks, whose passion is opening up life-changing opportunities for students like you, and helping you on your journey to S P Jain.  Here are a few faces to put with those voices and email names you keep seeing…

ShaluuShaluu Beadi (Hyderabad) — General Manager of Recruiting for South India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Maldives.  “I love to travel, dance and make friends from all over the world.”

TanviTanvi Shah (Mumbai) — Regional Manager for Western India. I believe in a quote by George Bernard Shaw, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” I love meeting new people and trying different cuisines. I love my job as i get to interact with students and help them get closer to their dream.”


Rashmi Udaykumar (Singapore) — Head of Admissions for SE Asia.  “I am really a family person at heart.  I care about Jaguars as if they were my own sons and daughters.”
NimishaNimisha Vadivale (Sydney) — Manager of Recruiting for Australia.  “I am proud to be a member of S P Jain’s second BBA graduating class.  I think that gives me an extra dimension of understanding for the way that new Jags think — and what prospective students want from a college education.”
Ritu Sharma (Delhi) — General Manager of Recruiting, North India — “I’m a Delhi girl through and through, and am very proud of my state and its people.  One of my many passions is fashion — obviously, if you’re ever seen me in person!”
Shweta Chhabra (Mumbai) — Head of Admissions — “I’m actually a rather quiet and private person.  I have spent many years working in college placements in India, and feel good about helping students find their way in the confusing world of higher education.”
dianeDiane Salgado (Singapore) — Marketing Assistant, SE Asia — “Although I miss my family in my native Philippines, I love the excitement and diversity of life in Singapore.  It makes me happy to be able to open doors to students in this fascinating part of the world.”
arindamProf. Arindam Banerjee (Dubai) — Director, Student Recruitment – Gulf and Africa.  “It’s really a wonderful thing to meet potential Jaguars during the admissions process, and then teach them and join them in student life activities once they come to Dubai. This is the best job I could imagine!”
PhilHairUpCropProf Alesa Lightbourne (California) — Director of International Relations, North and South America.  “Having lived all over the world, I love offering students a chance to go to college in three countries.  Travel is the very best form of education. Also, I am proud to be the only member of the admissions team who is the parent of a Jaguar.  Roar!”Prashant
Prashant Mishra (Dubai) — Manager of International Admissions for the Middle East and Africa.  “I love traveling, dancing, and doing exercise.”
Susan'sPhotoSusan Tran (Vietnam) — Manager of Admissions from Vietnam.  “I enjoy being a friend in need.  And I love to meet and support people.”
SabrinaSabrina Hussein (Singapore) — Senior Manager of Recruitment for Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.  “You can always make the impossible possible. I am interested in learning about different cultures across the globe, and am very happy that my job gives me the opportunity to do so.”

RachanaRachana Kumar (Dubai) – Admissions and Marketing Assistant for Undergraduate Programs in UAE. “S P Jain’s combination of study and travel is very exciting, and students experience a period of personal discovery. I love shopping and going to different places.”

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