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First Jag Wedding ❤️

Danny signingSometimes we say that S P Jain Jaguars are like a big family, because students become so close in the small college setting. However, two Jaguars took things to a new level when Danny (Shudong) Chen and Channy (Chan) Liu got married on December 16, 2014.

Danny started in the Pioneer Batch (BBA10). Channy joined the second batch (BBA11). They both graduated in May 2015, with majors in Marketing and Finance. They fell in love soon after Channy came to Singapore, and have been together ever since.

Danny comes from Chongqing, China. He spoke so little English when he arrived at S P Jain, and was so shy, that instead of introducing himself at Orientation, he sang a song. He applied himself diligently, however. By his first summer break, his language skills were so good that he got a job as an English teacher back in China. After finishing his bachelors degree at S P Jain, he was immediately hired as an IELTS teacher in Sydney.Danny 3

Channy grew up in Hunan, China. She participated in a wide variety of activities at S P Jain, and excelled at singing. She is another example of someone who became an expert in English after becoming a Jaguar. During summer breaks, she found a part-time job as a sales promoter.

“Every professor who taught either Danny or Channy fell in love with them,” said Prof Alesa Lightbourne. “So it’s no surprise that they fell in love with each other — and have remained such a strong couple. Obviously, Danny has great taste in women, because Channy’s charisma, beauty and personality and unforgettable. We are all so happy for them, and wish them a lifetime of success.”

Mr. and Mrs. Chen have planned a traditional wedding next year in China, to augment the civil ceremony they performed in Sydney. They will make their home in Sydney.

Good old days in Singapore ~2012

Good old days in Singapore ~2012

Danny Channy 1


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