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Wanderlust, by Nimisha

NimI was in the library of my high school when I first heard about S P Jain School of Global Management. Two cities? Four years? With the possibility of going on exchange? Boy, was I excited! I was also a tad afraid but Singapore and Sydney are cities close to where I have family (Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur). Ever since I was a little girl, I had the travel bug and this sounded perfect to me. I get to travel but with the safety of having family close to me all the time.

Fast forward the application, interview and aptitude test, I found myself in Singapore moving into the dorm. Korean, English, Indian, just to name a few were cultures I learnt a lot about, on the very first day. Not only were the students multicultural, the professors were too.

I decided to take a chance in my second year and applied to go on exchange to IESEG School of Management, Paris. The professors and my friends at S P Jain were so supportive of my decision. There, I was lucky enough to foster my love for traveling even more. I was able to see over 10 countries during my exchange. The culture, the food and the people were a few things that made my trip as special as it was. I definitely didn’t have the comfort of having family in a city nearby but the friends I made there were as good as family to me.

With mixed emotions, I started making my way to Sydney, the final leg of this amazing program. I saw familiar faces which instantly set my nerves and heart at ease. The wonderful accommodation I got through school was a spacious apartment with a view of the water! It was a like a holiday to be honest.Nim2

So, classes began and the work started piling on but that definitely didn’t stop me from enjoying this beautiful city and the people around me. Everyone from my mates, professors to even my neighbours or that random person at the convenience store was just so lovely and helpful. It really made my transition to Australia that much easier. I guess when you travel with people you already know to a new city, it just makes it that much more enjoyable.

The subjects got more and more interesting (and challenging!) and graduation is now growing closer and closer. The help I’ve gotten from school in terms of internships and job applications is tremendous. They truly care about us.

Now, when I look back to when I first thought about joining S P Jain and the fear that I had, I shake my head and laugh. This experience has taught me to grow into this global citizen who doesn’t need the safety of having family close by anymore. I found a new family, the Jaguar family, my home away from home.

~Nimisha, BBA11

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