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Scared of speaking?

Upneet copyYou aren’t alone!
‘Glossophobia.’ This word is essentially a fancy representation of the fear of public speaking, a common disorder. I am pretty sure each and every one of us has experienced it in various stages of our lives.

This topic is very dear to my heart, and it was at SP Jain that I faced my fear and fought through it.
People often undervalue the importance of communication; they feel that knowledge is often conveyed better written than spoken. I was one of them.
Rewind four years and eight semesters, a course taught by our very own Prof. Alesa Lightbourne had become a nightmare for students like me due to this deeply embedded fear. The course was called ‘Business Oral Communications’ and the basic structure of it had no reading or writing involved, but only speaking in front of others!  And we had to do it EVERY WEEK, in front of a class full of students and professors. Thinking from a freshman’s perspective, nothing worse could have occurred in our lives at that point in time.

This fear was so deeply rooted in me that I had minor yet hilarious breakdowns before every speech; I would pray to God to let me fall sick temporarily for a brief period (my moral fibre was too high in the first year to even consider bunking).

Four years down the line – we friends who shared this common fear recall and laugh about it. That class was honestly the best thing that could have happened to any of us! In the beginning, 70% of our time used to go into memorizing speeches for presentations. Four years later, we have reached the stage that if we prepare something 10 minutes before a presentation, it is more than enough for that extra edge of confidence.

The change that happened was miraculous, and I am extremely thankful to our beloved professor, Prof. Alesa and SP Jain for initiating this process, for not only myself, but for the rest of us Jaguars.

~Upneet Dugal, BBA11

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