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Surfing in Sydney

Surfing BBA11

One month into our Sydney adventure and the college started organising fun and adventurous events for us. For Australia, sports and recreation activities have always been an integral part of their cultural identity from the very beginning. Surfing is the heart of Australian sporting and we got a taste of it due to the efforts of the SP Jain Sydney’s student life committee.

Bondi beach, one of the most popular destinations for the tourists was worth the hype. It was as the books describe them, one of the busiest beaches in Sydney yet serene and beautiful in its own way. Surfing was a new sport to all of us and as easy as it seems in videos and pictures, its equally tough and exciting.

Upneet & Tanya, BBA11

Upneet & Tanya, BBA11

Surfing is all about timing and thinking on the feet. And except for falling a gazillion times and trying to get back on-board, exploring the sport was challenging yet the experience was extremely entertaining. In this beautiful journey of four years, this is yet another memory that will be etched in my heart for a lifetime – #myfirsttimesurfing @ #SPJain

~Upneet Dugal, BBA11

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