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Internships: Worth It!

DDIn our four year stint with S P Jain’s BBA program, we have a cumulative of one entire year worth of holidays. This seems shocking at first look. Certainly, when I first found out about the unbelievable amount of break our academic calendar offers us, I was in shock. What would I do for four months? Sure, I could use a nice two month holiday, but 4 months seemed retarded.

Our Dean then, Dr. Alesa Lightbourne, shed some light on the issue. Use these holidays for an Internship! “Internship? what internship?” It seemed so alien to me, the concept of working for experience for a company for a limited period of time.

Putting aside my thoughts from back then (4 years back, oh my) I do think this opportunity has been hugely beneficial to me and my experiences in the corporate world.

I have now, five internships under my belt, with a month to go until graduation. These internships span across three different countries, and across four different industries.

Whats wonderful is, these internships have taught me so much. In addition to being exposed to various people across various cultures, I have also seen my strengths and dislikes; I have come to realize that I am a choosy person.

Another wonderful thing that S P Jain allows for its students, is that in our final two years of undergrad degree in Sydney, we are allowed at least one day a week to go out and get more work experience.

I have just recently finished a stint with an integrated marketing agency, and now have just begun interning with one of the fastest growing tech companies in Australia.

They say that in Australia, especially in the non-financial industry, DD4experience matters more than grades. I hope this is true. While my grades are average, I more than make up for them with my experiences, which I place great value upon.

~Siddhanth Maheshwari, BBA11

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