Adventure! S P Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

Calendar for 2015-6 Academic Year


Aug 24-25 Arrive in Singapore
Aug 26 – Aug 28 Orientation
Aug 31 – Oct 16 Classes and midterm exams
Oct 17 – Oct 25 Midterm break*
Oct 26 – Dec 11 Classes and final exams
Dec 12 – Jan 10, 2016 Semester break*
Jan 11 – Feb 26 Classes and midterm exams
Feb 27 – Mar 6 Midterm break*
Mar 7 – Apr 22 Classes and final exams
April 23 – Aug 28 Summer break

* Note:  Students may stay in the on-campus hostel in Singapore during midterm breaks and semester breaks at no additional cost. Most students who live in nearby countries go home for these breaks.  Often students plan trips together, especially for the Feb-Mar midterm break, visiting Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, etc.  Almost all students return home for the long summer break.  On-campus housing is sometimes available over the summer break at a reduced rate if students have an internship or job in Singapore.


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