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My Life So Far, by Lasse

LasseAre you a European or a tennis player thinking of joining S P Jain?  Well, I’m a German tennis coach studying in BBA14, and here are my experiences so far…

First, let me explain that I took a gap year after high school, and worked my way through Spain and New Zealand.  I learned a lot about the world during my travels, and also about being independent, doing jobs like working in restaurants and vineyards.  I think that that helped me to get the most out of my education now, because I really wasn’t that much into academics before.  But now I’m on track, and getting much better grades than ever before in my life.

Concerning my life here in Singapore, I am enjoying it a lot. I love living in an Asian country, and I enjoy the exposure to new cultures in Singapore. I enjoy my college classes. The diversity at S P Jain is great.  On the downside, I feel like there are ways we could be treated more like adults at the college.  Maybe that comes from me living on my own last year.  Also, there are a lot of Indians at S P Jain, and sometimes they forget that I don’t speak Hindi, and they talk in Hindi amongst themselves. I wish they didn’t do that, because non-Indians like me can feel left out.  Still, on the whole, I’m very glad I made the decision to come here.  And I’ve made some good friends with everybody, including the Indians. 🙂

How I got to be a coach as my part-time job in Singapore is actually a funny story. When I was working in Brotzeit (a German restaurant) in November, I used to talk to a lot of customers, hoping that they might want a tennis coach. A German family gave me the advice to put an advertisement on a bulletin board near Orchard Road. Two months later, I got invited to the staff party of my restaurant. At the party I spoke with a German woman who is responsible for marketing in the restaurant chain. I found out that she needed a tennis coach. Since then, I have been training her and her boyfriend and charge S$60 an hour. (This is A LOT more than I ever made in the restaurant.)

My other story is even more random. The night when the German family told me to put an ad on the bulletin board, another family was at the table. Later, they saw my ad and wrote down my number.  Two months later, they called me. I now coach the father and their 7 year old son.

As you can see, I put a lot of effort into finding clients to coach.  It took some time.  But now I have a good coaching business, which makes life here in this expensive country a lot easier.

~ Lasse Reifschneider, BBA14


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