Adventure! S P Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

Dear fellow Albanians

DeniTe dashur shqipetaret e mi,
Si shqipetar ne i dime deshirat dhe nevojat tona dhe mund te them me plote gojen se S P Jain dhe Singapori eshte ajo qe mungon ne jeten tone .
Ne na pelqen te kemi rrethin tone te vogel shoqeror dhe dicka te tille mund ta gjejme me te mberritur ne S P Jain .
Cdo nate eshte party dhe zakonisht nuk ka gjume,eshte pikerisht dicka qe nuk eshte e shpeshte ne Shqiperi.
Per te mos permendur Singaporin.Singapori eshte dicka qe nuk e ke pare ndonjehere,cdo dite tjeter esht party ,takime me njerez nga e gjithe bota dhe kenaqesi.
Do tjua ndryshoje botekuptimin pergjithmon!
So what does all that mean in English?

We all know each other, our needs and what we like…   I’ll tell you SP Jain and Singapore is exactly what is missing in our life.  We like our little community of friends and that is no problem, because we can find it here at SP Jain immediately .

We like to celebrate and we can celebrate here every day.
Not to mention Singapore.  Singapore is so big, with so many different cultures, contacts, parties and fun.
But in the meantime, don’t forget to study consistently.
It will open your mind forever — believe me !
~From Deni, BBA14 (became an S P Jain Jaguar in January, 2015)

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