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Australia Alumni and Their Jobs

Alumn Dinner2On Thursday, 09th October 2014, S P Jain held the 2014 Alumni Dinner at S P Jain Sydney campus. Sixteen postgraduate and undergraduate alumni who now reside in Sydney attended the event along with their partners and family. Everyone looked happy and satisfied with the canapé and the three-course meal that evening. At the end of the dinner, Mr. Nitish Jain gave a closing speech on the culturally diverse new undergraduate cohort and where S P Jain is heading in the future.

Pioneer Jags who attended (Australia employers in parentheses) included: Kezia Pasaribu (currently at S P Jain, soon at Neo@Ogilvy); Eshita Durve (SalesITV); Jeremiah Lynch (Xpress Auto Limited); Eric Martin (Low Cost Wire); Fabrice Vincent Ramaswamy (Statewide Quality Services); Aquilia Gonsalves (J. P. Morgan); Wan Wisani (Aon Insurance); Hoang Ngoc Binh Tam (Pacific Magazine); Arnaud Ndizihiwe (Accor Group); Yu Rongzhu (TBC); and Binita Sinha.
~Kezia Pasaribu BBA10

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