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New Jag: Sachi Jain (Uganda/India)

SachiHometown:  Uganda/ Mumbai
·         School president and House vice-captain in final year at high school.
·         Played basketball in school basketball team and regularly played sports such as volleball, badminton, squash and baseball.
·         Participated in many marathons 5km and 10Km as a part of fundraising.
·         Was a model for a few charity events.
·         Held many fundraising events such as auctions, car washes, brunches etc.; volunteer at the cancer charity foundation and Wobulenzi Town Academy.
·         Part of the MUN for 2 years.
·         Internships at UGACOF Ltd. and Olam Pvt Ltd.
·         Winner of Dr. Robert K. Rutaagi Best Poet of the Year Award Fifth Place.
·         Being an Indian and have been brought up for a majority of my life in Uganda with extremely different traditions and regulations I can definitely say I got the best of both worlds.
·         Love to read with some of my favourite books being Speak, Madame Bovary and The Book Thief.
·         Being a third culture kid it is only natural that I have curiosity and love for travelling and exploring new cultures.

One comment on “New Jag: Sachi Jain (Uganda/India)

  1. Raghav
    February 12, 2015

    How’s SP Jain?


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