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Over Half of First Class Have Jobs in Just 12 Weeks!

Mr JainMoney Magazine says it takes most college graduates between 3 and 9 months to land their first job.

So it’s fantastic news that just 3 months after graduating, HALF of the Pioneer Batch of S P Jain’s BBA program have already found jobs, assisted by the school’s Career Services group.  Eighty percent of these are full-time. The remainder are internships, which are expected to convert to full-time employment.

But that doesn’t mean that only half are working.  According to Mr. Nitish Jain, President of S P Jain, these figures do not include students who may have found jobs on their own and have not notified the school, or are taking some time off before starting a job hunt or graduate school.  So real figures are probably actually much higher.

“What is noteworthy is that students have gotten jobs across the world, and are thus fulfilling our promise of training Global Business Leaders,” said Mr Jain. “And although I am very pleased at the role that our Career Services group has played in placements, I’m actually most proud of the students who have found their own leads. They are proving that they have initiative, and can manage on their own.”

Some leading companies that have hired S P Jain BBA graduates full-time include Samsung, Citibank, Heinz, Bayt, Dunia Finance (Temasek subsidiary), Macquarie Group, Pear Capital. One student was hired on a temporary assignment with  Of these jobs, 39% were in Australia, 17% in Dubai, 13% in Singapore, 17% in India, and 13% in other countries such as the US, Philippines, Vietnam and Brazil.

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