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Singapore Off-Campus Idea: The Interlace

InterfaceNow here’s a way-cool idea for living off-campus in Singapore — renting a brand-new condo at The Interlace ( right across the street from S P Jain. It’s a gorgeous compound consisting of 1.040 apartments (with 200 yet to be sold), so there is a huge supply of rental units available and the asking prices are negotiable.

Some pros:
· Walking distance to SP Jain
· Brand new condo
· Fantastic views (greenery, ocean, city)
· Private rooftop terraces
· Full facilities: 50 metre Lap Pool, Fun Pool, Jacuzzi, Clubhouse, Gym, Tennis Court, Party Pavilions, Multi-purpose sports courts
· Apartments with private living/ dining room and proper kitchen
· Some nice en-suite bathrooms
· Free shuttle bus to Harbourfront MRT
· Interesting architecture: designed by Ole Scheeren (architect of CCTV building in Beijing) currently has 95 rental listings for The Interlace, including the six options below:
1. S$ 1,700 pm: 1 bedroom, 17sqm:
2. S$ 2,400 pm: 1 bedroom, 23sqm, rooftop terrace:
3. S$ 6,500 pm: 3 bedrooms, 199sqm, rooftop terrace, stunning greenery view:
4. S$ 6,500 pm: 3 bedrooms, 409 sqm, rooftop terrace:
5. S$ 7,000 pm: 4 bedrooms, 329sqm, rooftop terrace:
6. S$ 8,500 pm: 4 bedrooms, 353 sqm, ocean view, view of SP Jain:

If you can convince a landlord to furnish each room with double-decker beds and allow 2 students to sleep in each bedroom, The Interlace will almost be the same price as staying on campus. Of course, you’d have to get your own bedding, dishes, pots and pans, etc. But Ikea is a few blocks away, and the “uncle” shops in local markets have a lot of household wares from China at very cheap prices.

SP Jain Accommodation:US$7,700/ S$10,010 per year. This is the equivalent of S$835 per month in a shared dorm room with four beds (with a supplement for twin/ individual rooms).That is the same as Option 1 with two people sharing the large room, or Option 5 with 8 students sharing a 4-bedroom 329sqm apartment. (Let’s not even think about the party options, okay? You’re going to be nice, sober Jaguars…)

Cons: the trouble of negotiating the lease, getting the landlord to furnish the place, organizing a group of flatmates and collecting monthly rent from everyone. Also, most landlords in Singapore want a 2-year lease (sometimes they’ll go for just one year, but you’d only need 8 months). And if you are underage, your parents or some other adult will need to sign the contract. You’ll need to arrange for electricity, probably wi-fi, TV, etc.  As you can see, it can all be rather complicated. On the other hand, The Interface is world-class condo living. It may be worth the effort!


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