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Meeting Pres. Nathan of Singapore

PresNathanOn the 6th of May 2014, a couple of colleagues and I were given the opportunity to attend the 5th ASEAN event series “Bridges – Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace” in the home of the Ambassador of Sweden for Singapore. This event was a well-recognized event as it operated in different countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, where it advocates the spreading of peace through addressing basic levels of needs such as education, healthcare, protection of the environment, reduction of violence and many more. As we entered the door of the beautiful home of the Ambassador of Sweden, we were greeted by high-profiled individuals such as the Prince of Liechtenstein and the previous president of Singapore, S. R. Nathan. It was truly a humbling experience as we strolled around the home of Ambassador Hakan Jevrell, because we met individuals who advocate peace, yet are CEOs of multinational companies. This encounter made me realize that I am minuscule compare to the individuals present in this event. However, the main highlight of the night was the brief encounter with former President S.R. Nathan. After conquering our shock and awe, we were finally able to approach the former President and asked to have a photograph with him. The former President was a gentle and humble man, a worthy President of the Republic of Singapore.

Although the conversation with the former President of Singapore was brief, it was an encounter I will never forget. We ended the night on a brief goodbye with the Ambassador of Sweden. And as I exited the lovely home of Ambassador of Hakan Jevrell, I could not stop and wonder if I will ever be as successful as they are.

Kenneth Taguiba BBA2013

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