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Sweet Visit to KitKat in Dubai

ImageEating chocolates, especially KitKat, is very tempting. Many of us even eat them every day. However, have we ever wondered how these delicacies are processed and what they are made of? To clear this doubt of ours and make us see some practical lines of business, S P Jain organized an industry visit at the KitKat factory of Dubai.

There, we were, first of all, given a brief about the whole story of KitKat and why they built their Dubai plant. We were informed about the countries from which they import the cacao—which is needed to produce the chocolate—and also, the processes through which the cacao seeds go, before they are exported. ImageLater, we were shown all the processes of producing the chocolates as well—how it is melted, given different shapes and how they are packed. We also came to know that this is the only Kit Kat factory in the Middle East.

Not to forget, at the end of the visit, each student was handed a bag full of chocolates—that was the most amazing part. It was a different experience, but we learnt a lot. Ultimately, we are being able to see the practical applications of whatever we’ve learnt in subjects such as Operations Management.

~Jevin BBA12

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This entry was posted on March 23, 2014 by in Happenings.
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