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Sydney Songwriting — For a Cause!

In Sydney, Youth Mental Health Week was held in the second week of October. And to mark the occasion and to support young people suffering with depression Sydney Youth Music and Sydney City Council held a song writing competition. They called for submissions and then chose an interesting programme to be performed at Cathedral Square in an open air concert.

Music Song Writing Competition

S P Jain had strong representation on the day, as supporters turned out to hear Nishant Store perform some of his original songs with vocalist Menaka Ramakrishnan.

The duo drew a lot of interest as they performed with flair and commitment, demonstrating arresting originality and honesty. The concert was held against the imposing backdrop of St. Mary’s gothic cathedral, with the Australian Museum at the other end, and the iconic buildings of the Sydney CBD adding their ambience to the festival style atmosphere.

It was a burning hot day, and perhaps some old timers there amongst all this youth may have thought back to the electric atmosphere of Anita O Day’s performance of Sweet Georgia Brown in the 1958 Newport jazz festival and wondered how today’s performers  would live on in our life and experiences in time to come.


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